Thursday, March 8, 2012

Survey- the future of the old 39

Please take some time to help us with this important survey. The City office of Finance and Administrative Services is doing an evaluation of the property to determine if it should be repurposed or sold. They are collecting public comments as part of this process. The comments will be accepted up to April 4th. You can send your comments directly to them also. Be aware that these will be published and will be publicly available.

The Report and Recommendations will be submitted to City Council and Council will then authorize a plan of action ( repurpose or sale or sale with stipulations ).

We need to speak up about what we want done with that space. It is currently a publicly owned space and can be repurposed to Parks and Rec for much a needed Senior and Youth Activities Center and / or Job Bank. We can also stipulate terms of the sale and lobby Council to make an exception to the condition that the proceeds go back into the Fire Levy and instead be earmarked for the design and construction of a Skate Park.

The Lake City Comprehensive Plan does include requests for services for those with addictions and mental health problems ( which this community has done a fantastic job of putting in place and supporting ), but it also is clear about other community needs and the process of securing them.

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