Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Future of the Old 39 - The City's intent

The City of Seattle is required to either repurpose or sell the Old 39 within 5 years of the completion of the new Fire Station 39. The end of this 5 year period is approaching. The Department of Finance and Administrative Services has been instructed by the City to start the disposition process. It is clear that both Council and the Mayor's office are intent on developing that property into low income housing with services on the ground floor. It is not clear who the property will be sold to in order to carry out this intent.

In a post that will follow, passages from the Comprehensive Plan will show the expressed intent of the residents of Lake City that the City agreed to adopt as policy. The City is acting against this policy and, by extension, the will of their constituents. The property sits within the Civic Core and the Goals, Policies, Strategies, and Actions stated in the Comp Plan make it explicitly clear that the city is to be acquiring property in the Civic Core and developing it for Civic functions - Farmers Market, Sports Courts, Youth and Senior activities Center, etc.

Please take the time to read through the following notice and to reiterate to the City what we want. They have a responsibility to listen to us and follow the policies established in the Plan. Many organizations from outside of Lake City are speaking out, advocating for more low income housing and homeless services at this location.

Our own neighborhood needs to speak up or the city will assume these organizations represent our community.


Info on the sale of the Old 39

Info on the disposition process

Email Comments to City rep Richard Gholaghong 

( or call Richard at 206.684.5212 )

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