Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Olympic Hills Elementary to get new co-principal

Neighborhood school Olympic Hills Elementary will have a new co-principal beginning in the 2012, 2013 school year.
Seattle Public Schools announced last week that Helen Joung will be joining the school, working alongside current Principal Zoe Jenkins. They will work as co-principals.

From Seattle Public Schools Interim Superintendent Susan Enfield: "Ms. Joung is committed to understanding the immigrant population experience and will be a great fit for the Olympic Hills community."

She was most recently an assistant principal at Emerson Elementary in Everett

She will start at Olympic Hills July 1.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Neighborhood BBQ held at Virgil Flaim Park

Neighbors gather for a BBQ at Virgil Flaim.

Community members took to Virgil Flaim Park on Friday evening for a good-ol' neighborhood BBQ. We gathered to celebrate our community and to help realize what great parks we have in our immediate vicinity.

There has been much discussion lately over behaviors regularly observed at our neighborhood parks. Some of what is observed has driven away some area residents from using the parks, prompting them to drive to other neighborhoods for recreation.

On Friday evening more than two dozen neighborhood residents gathered over the course of the evening to say hi, share some food, and utilize the park.

If you missed the first of our BBQs don't worry, we plan to do this again.

Some of the food on the grill.

People march toward Virgil Flaim from 25th Avenue NE.

Parks Survey Results

The Virgil Flaim / Albert Davis Parks survey is closed now. There were 53 responses. You can see all the responses with timestamps here. 

The responses showed strong support for trimming the laurel hedge. The suggested configuration at the meeting was to trim 3 feet up from grade and own to ~6 feet on top. There was also strong support for flood lamps off of the existing light poles directed down along the north side where the prostitution, drug dealing, and illegal encampments are happening.