Friday, January 27, 2012

Pothole rangers tackle 125th moonscape

Pothole Rangers work to fill potholes on NE 125th Street.

The street is shown before the crew arrived

Seattle's Pothole Rangers filled part of the moonscape that NE 125th Street had become after our recent winter storm.

A crew of three City of Seattle workers worked at a fast pace as they were observed filling the holes on the eastbound lanes of the road Friday.

The city said they had dozens of reports about the potholes, many likely from DPC neighbors. The dangerous craters forced cars to veer into the bicycle lane or turning lane to avoid them.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn earlier this week announced that the city was working to fill holes withing three days of a report.

The rangers have their work cut out for them as our city's aging infrastructure took a beating from the recent winter storm.

To report a pothole you can use this easy online form.

DPC_Survey_002 results

Here is my cobbled together graphic showing responses to the survey.  It looks like it was Mr. Plum in the library with a candlestick : )

Looks like Monday night works best. We'll look for a venue that can accommodate kids too. The topics of discussion look like they will be Nuisance Behavior and Drug Houses.....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

LC Shelter - Meeting Minutes from 1/10/2012

A few things to note while reading this. The Mennonites ( acting as the Lake City Taskforce on Homelessness  and representing a number of other churches and non profit organizations in the area ) initiated UGM coming to Lake City through a  a letter sent to the Mayor on April 12th, 2011 requesting that the Fire Station 39 be kept open after Nickelsville vacated the building. They claimed the Nickelsville tenure proved to the local community that "when people are provided with shelter, they become very good neighbors" and that a there was an ongoing need to provide shelter for "people who are homeless in our neighborhood." 

Many of the long term homeless in Lake City have not been using the shelter ( as indicated in the minutes ), but the numbers show there are people staying there. Recent meetings have revealed that UGM is accepting referrals from the police, Harborview, and Northwest Hospital. This goes against the original statement ( from UGM Mike Johnson ) that they would only be serving the local homeless population. 
Mike Johnson of UGM also stated that anyone intoxicated would be turned away and that anyone with substance abuse issues would be referred to the downtown facility. This set of minutes documents one guest who they admit giving shelter to while he is intoxicated. 
UGM notes that the biggest homeless substance abuse issue in this area is alcohol. 
There have been discussions about at what point these services start having a negative impact on our community. The organizations provide services that attract people who are in need, but are not responsible for their public behavior. This presents a problem for a community that prides itself on showing compassion for those less fortunate and at the same time struggles to create a safe and healthy place to work, recreate, shop, and raise a family. 
( To be fair, there are other "goods and services" provided in this community that detract from our goal too - some that have a direct link to the nuisance behaviors that make reaching our goal so challenging. )

Lake City UGM Shelter Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
  1. Call to order
Paul LaRose called to order the regular meeting of the Lake City Shelter Advisory Committee at 4:04pm on 1/10/2012 in the Lake City Community Center Meeting Room.
  1. Roll call
The following persons were present: 
  • Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission – Paul LaRose
  • At Large Business Member – Suzy Smith
  • At Large Resident Member – Janet Arkills
  • At Large Resident Member – Chuck Dickey
  • Mennonite/Lake City Task Force on Homelessness (LCTF) – Melanie Neufeld
  • At Large Business Member and Resident – Annie Stocker
The following persons were absent: 
  • Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission – Terry C. Pallas 
  • Cedar Park – Elena Earle
  • Lake City Development Council – Joe Simmons
  • North Council – Cheryl Klinker 
  • UGM Shelter guest - (not yet determined)
  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
Suzy Smith motioned to approve minutes, Annie Stocker seconded. Minutes from 1/3/12 were approved.
  1. SUGM Statistical Report
UGM Representative Paul asked if participation by a UGM guest on Advisory Committee is still desired. Several Committee Members indicated yes, requested guest have established history in Lake City. Various options discussed; difficulty expressed in finding LCShelter guests high-functioning enough to participate effectively and/or that have established history in Lake City.
    • 163 registered guests to date 
    • Meals served from Jan. 1st- Jan. 9th  is 1,152 (128 meals a day average)
    • Bed nights from Jan. 1st- Jan. 9th  is 487 (44 men average, 9 women average) 
    • No new sign-ups for recovery program (2 to date)
    • UGM Rep. Paul reported: Steve & Sheri were staying at LCShelter for a couple weeks. Steve found a job and was able to find an apartment, but was short $175 on first, last and security deposit. Paul referred Steve and Sheri to the Mennonite Church for financial help. Mennonite church donated money and Steve & Sheri are now in an apartment.
  1. Community Check-In
Committee Member Suzy reported:
  1. Met with two LC police officers, both report seeing a lot of brand new faces in Lake City, particularly more homeless with mental/substance abuse issues. Indicated “usual” Lake City homeless not taking advantage of LCShelter.
Committee Member Annie questioned Mennonite/LCTF Rep Melanie, re: Given knowledge of “local” homeless, what percentage of them are utilizing LCShelter?  Discussion followed in which no two Advisory Committee members agreed. Estimates ranged from 10% - 60%. (Discussed use of LCShelter ranged from overnight stays to food/clothing services.)
Discussion ensued, re: Is increase in loitering in business areas due to new people coming in for shelter services? Various opinions expressed, including:
  • Mennonite/LCTF Rep Melanie believes it is only local Lake City homeless.
  • Committee Member Suzy suggested speaking with LC police, said police identified new group of very aggressive young people. Requested documentation of increase in homeless arriving in Lake City, noted they were not coming from Tent City #3 as expected, but coming to LC via referrals. 
  • UGM Rep Paul verified LCShelter is receiving guests referred by Seattle Police, Harborview, Northwest Hospital, and many from word of mouth.
Discussion ensued, re: Why would Harborview refer homeless to Lake City, particularly lacking transportation?  Key points included:
  • UGM Rep Paul stated he did not know. Upon receipt of phone referrals from Harborview or other organizations, he states that referred person is welcome, as long as referred person is not a sex offender, has state-issued I.D., and can transport him/herself to LCShelter.
  • Committee Member Janet noted both Seattle City officials and UGM Rep Mike Johnson promised LCShelter would address homeless issues within Lake City and would not bring homeless to LC from other areas. Asked how hospitals know to refer homeless to LCShelter?
  • UGM Rep Paul guaranteed that UGM has not solicited referrals.
  • Did LC TaskForce on Homelessness solicit referrals? 
  • Mennonite/LCTF Rep Melanie stated several members of Mennonite congregation are nurses and may be spreading the word. (*Follow-up email noted one Mennonite church member working at Harborview’s Mental Health Center may account for some referrals from Harborview.)
Discussion ensued, re: Why are homeless at Harborview not being referred downtown? Are the city, the churches, and UGM spending money to transport homeless?
  • UGM Rep Paul said no; noted UGM gives bus tickets to LCShelter guests who have appointments, medical needs, or are working.  Guests also receive a free bus ticket as reward for participating in litter pick-ups. 
  • Committee Member Chuck requested Paul find out re: transportation, why Harborview is referring to LCShelter. Several committee members agreed - would like more info. 
  • Paul noted LCShelter has sent some guests to Harborview. Ex: Had one extremely disturbed guest threatening suicide, harm to others. LCShelter called police, guest was taken to Harborview. Noted that LCShelter is a temporary shelter, not equipped to treat people. Guests are welcome if able to function in a community environment. If unable to function in community, LCShelter staff try to redirect guests elsewhere.
Discussion ensued, re:  Does the Mennonite Church and LC Task Force on Homelessness recognize negative impact on Lake City core? Will future referrals stop? Various opinions expressed, including:
  • Mennonite/LCTF Rep Melanie asked if the impact has been negative.
  • Committee Member Suzy, expressed appreciation for UGM’s responsiveness. Stated that LCShelter has not helped LC business core, image, or reputation. Expressed concern regarding future development.
  • Mennonite/LCTF Rep Melanie suggested LC’s image can be seen as being compassionate.
  • Committee Member Suzy noted Lake City is at tipping point, reiterated concern over future development.
  • Committee Member Janet shared example of Maple Leaf resident overwhelmed by loiterers while patronizing Papa Murphy’s. Maple Leaf resident asked Janet what’s going on in Lake City that loitering has gotten so bad?
  • Janet suggested conducting survey as way to measure impact of LCShelter.  Proposed theory that some local LC homeless have been helped, but LCShelter has also brought in new groups causing new problems.  Noted that Lake City has swapped out part of an old problem for a new set of problems.
  • UGM Rep Paul agreed that was valid impression. Noted he is working to keep LCShelter a Lake City facility, but indicated conflict with UGM’s policy. SUGM’s policy is to not turn anyone away.
Committee Member Chuck reported:
  1. Disturbances of one homeless woman, Cindy (screaming, vulgar language, other behavior) in front of Post Office. 
Discussion ensued, re: Cindy:
  • UGM Rep Paul said Cindy doesn’t stay at LCshelter often, because UGM redirects her behavior. Discussed mental issues versus lack of coping skills, noted need to call police to report aggressive behavior.
  1. Chuck noted harassment of pedestrian by Cindy.
Discussion ensued, re: Why does City continue to put service-resistant individuals in heart of business and residential areas?
  • UGM Rep Paul responded: Lake City is a convenient place, with post office, foodbank, etc.; it is a natural attraction to homeless. Noted concentration of services, including: Labor Ready, Thrive project, McDermott place, North Helpline, RotoCare. Stated that LCShelter is additional attraction, but other services already in Lake City are a draw for homeless.
  • Committee Member Annie noted several businesses including: gun shop, strip club, used car sales, pawn shop, and marijuana dispensaries that attract “edgy” behavior, low-income housing, and developers disinterested in positive community influence.
Discussion ensued, re: History and image of Lake City. Key points included:
  • Improvements in LC image over last 10-15 years. Focus on recruitment of businesses with positive impact.
  • Rick’s Strip Club involvement in Lake City Chamber of Commerce and associated negative perceptions (prior to Rick’s closure and reopening).
  • Tolerance and compassion for homeless and disadvantaged versus acceptance of illegal/nuisance behaviors. Expectations that all community members should be law-abiding citizens. Frustrations over livelihoods of many being affected by actions of a few.
  • Referenced article on positive influence of gentrification on low-income/homeless populations.
UGM Rep Paul noted goal of redirecting LCShelter guests. If guests don’t follow law, they can’t stay. Noted guests with violent behavior are barred from shelter, but will return in tears the next day, allowing for redemptive conversation.  Guaranteed he will do his best to not leave a bigger problem when LCShelter closes.
Committee Member Janet reported:
  1. Douglas Park Cooperative reported finding 4 broken needles with exposed sharps lying in road in front of Seattle Gymnastics Academy 1/5/12, human feces and used toilet paper the week before. 
Group noted area issues - dead end street, lack of residential “eyes”, John Sweeney, owner of Gymnastics Academy, grafitti. Committee Member Suzy will contact police to ask for more enforcement of that area. Group discussed focusing future litter pick-ups on that area.
  1. Cedar Park neighborhood group began neighborhood walks on 1/9/12. Cedar Park rep concerned about repeated incidents of pedestrians (drunk?) darting/jaywalking Lake City Way, noted 4-5 near-miss collisions.
Discussion ensued, re: Lake City neighborhood compared to other Seattle neighborhoods. Key points included:
  • Opposing viewpoints - some see improvements, some see worsening. 
  • Necessity of zoning, community involvement, and enforcement to precipitate change.
  • Comparison to Ballard, Fremont, Capitol Hill. UGM Rep Paul noted alcohol abuse is biggest problem he’s seen in Lake City. (Some heroin users, but mostly alcohol).
Discussion ensued, re: Potential increase in guests at LCShelter due to snowy weather. 
  • UGM Rep Paul noted increase unlikely, as rain has same effect as snow. Anticipates more people staying inside LCShelter during day.
  1. Open Issues:
  1. Dispersing LCShelter contact info - Suzy has contacted LC Chamber, not heard back. Will contact again.
  2. Mennonite/LCTF safety patrol - Melanie walked on 1/6/12, said she did not see anyone, noted no problems anywhere. 
    1. Several Committee Members noted new loitering/problem spots: parking lot on backside of Lake City Smiles offices, Lake City Grill (behind RadioShack) by Jamtown.
    2. Chevron (sells alcohol by the case, steady run of people between gas station and McDermott Place noted). (Previous issues at Fred Meyer.)
  3. Litter pick-up on Thursday, 1/5/12.  Ten LCShelter guests participated, collected 15 bags of trash. Jonathon Neufeld will lead litter pick-up on 1/12/12.
  4. LC Shelter Guest incentives: Committee Member Suzy donated $200 (from LC businesses) in form of $5 Dicks and Subway gift cards.  Committee Member Chuck requested cards be given to guests who work hard on litter pick-up. UGM Rep Paul indicated that’s how cards will be used. 
  5. LC Taskforce will discuss networking/referrals to help homeless as LCShelter closes at 1/13/12  LC Task Force meeting.
  6. Loitering issues: LC police reported same places (by Sportshaus Schmetzer, etc.) Police will try to encourage loiterers to move on. Some loiterers respond negatively.
Discussion ensued re: Niko, loitering.
  • Niko tells police officers to “f- off” because he has right to be on public property. 
  • No progress on his paperwork to Fiji. Update pending from Jonathon Neufeld.
  • UGM Rep Paul addressed Mennonite/LCTF Rep Melanie, noted that Niko has not completed his community service at LCShelter. Discussed intoxication/low-functioning. Stays night at LCShelter often, as he does not cause problems when intoxicated.
  1. Action Items:
  1. (Suzy) Will contact Diane at Lake City Chamber again re: posting LCShelter contact info to local businesses.
  2. (Janet) Will pursue possibility of survey.
  3. (All Committee Members) Will continue researching possible “adoption” resources for referrals as shelter closes. To be discussed at 1/24/12 meeting.
  1. Adjournment
Paul LaRose adjourned the meeting at 5:11pm. Next meeting 1/24/12.  (Group agreed to meet every other week rather than weekly.)

Trash day, double pickup allowed

Judging by the overflowing trash cans, many toppled by recent winds, most won't need a reminder to put out their trash this week.

After snow and bad road conditions cancelled last week's pickup, Seattle Public Utilities customers will be allowed to put out double their usual amount, at no extra charge.

Also, due to those overflowing and toppled trash cans, we will likely need extra help during our weekly Thursday neighborhood walk. We expect lots of plastic wrappers and water bottles to be littering the streets. We meet at 6:30 p.m. at the corner of 25th Avenue NE and NE 130th Street.

Post-storm potholes turn 125th into moonscape

This pothole on N 130th Street caused at least 3 flats in the course of an hour.

One of the most visible urban issues —one that politicos know easily riles up the public— are those craters that make driving some Seattle streets like negotiating an obstacle course.

During our last neighborhood walk, DPC neighbors noted many of the holes on NE 125th Street. The street was recently repaved in patches as part of the road diet that took the street from four lanes to two, a turning lane and bike lanes.

The recent storm seems to have torn up pavement along the seams where the old pavement and the patchwork of new pavement meet. We assume lack of funding was a reason the street was only paved in small patches instead of a complete job.

So as you are out there driving, please be careful. At least one of our neighbors had a car tire exploded after hitting a hole on 130th. Other cars have been seen swerving on 125th, trying to avoid the holes.

You can help out and report potholes using this online form. Remember, if they don't know there is a problem, it will never be fixed.

The Seattle P-I has more on Mayor Mike McGinn's promise to quickly repair the holes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Neighborhood house raided in DEA drug sting

A house on 28th Avenue NE was reportedly raided as part of a multi-state Drug Enforcement Agency operations earlier this week.

In a series of raids, one of them in our neighborhood, officers seized 24 pounds of meth and cocaine as well as $35,000 in cash. Since the operation began last year officials have seized 22 pounds of heroin, 40 pounds of meth and several guns.

Seattle Police Chief John Diaz said in a statement that the operation started with a routine buy-bust by Seattle officers and resulted in a large quantity of drugs being taken of the streets.

The U.S. Justice Department said in a release that 19 men and one woman were arrested and charged with drug-related crimes. It is unknown how many of those were arrested at the house in our neighborhood. It is also unknown how much of the seized drugs or weapons were from the house on 28th.

Sources said the operation involved members a Central American drug gang.

Charging documents related to the case will likely be available in a few days and we will post more information here if it becomes available.

The Seattle P-I has more on the operation.

Pierre Properties Project

I spoke with Don Moody from CB Richard Ellis yesterday. He was hired by the Pierre brothers to work out a 10 to 15 year plan for redeveloping their 14 acres of property in Lake City ( see the map here. ) They are at the start of a 2 year process of developing this plan. The stated intent is to develop their properties in a way that helps set the course for the redevelopment of the Lake City business district.

Don Moody has hired an urban planning consultant who is also a part time professor in the Urban Planning department at UW. Her name is Marty Curry. The intent is for her to act as coordinator of a group of UW students over a 2 to 3 quarter special topics class focusing on creating a comprehensive plan for the Pierre properties and, by extension,  the future development of Lake City. She will be speaking at the North District Council meeting next Wednesday, February 1st at 7pm at the Lake City Library.

Once the special topics class starts at the UW, they will have "design charrettes" at 6 week intervals with the Lake City community to collect input from us on our vision of the future Lake City. After the UW students have completed this process, the results will be provided to a professional urban planning/ architecture firm to refine. Parts of the plan will then be submitted to the city for a master use permit, and there will then be more public review opportunities to comment on design.

This will be a long process, but well worth the effort. Once a building is constructed it will likely be there for 50+ years.

For what it is worth, a few thoughts:

The parcels around the intersection of 127th and 30th and how they are developed will set the tone for our neighborhood. Kenmore and Bothell have both been working on developing walkable civic / retail districts that are a few blocks off of SR522 ( Lake City Way ) and it may be good to compare what they are doing to what we could have. Putting the "storefront" up along LCW and make the main entrance along 30th creates a sound break, a continuity of design along LCW, and a walkable retail street one block in.

A multi level parking garage would take the burden off developers to provide surface parking for retailers. One thought would be to use the site where the Pierre Body Shop is in the SW quadrant of 30th and 127th to create a  4 level garage with a new community center and an outdoor movie theater on the top deck.

The Panos property ( Ace HW, Grocery Outlet ) is almost equal in area to the Pierre properties around that intersection. It may be helpful to work with them as part of this process. The LCW frontage could be redeveloped to be up to the lot line to continue the business district "storefront" look, along with a pedestrian friendly 30th ave side.

It would be nice to also keep some of the light industry in the area and build off it. There is a niche real estate market out there for artisans / makers / tinkerers / light industrial and assembly companies,  and I think they would be a positive addition to the neighborhood.


Survey: Monthly Meeting Times and Topics

This survey will be up in the Survey section as well. You can also access it here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Walk Report - Monday, January 23rd

There were eight Douglas Parkers out for the walk last night. We traveled the usual Monday path and picked up quite a bit of litter. We had some nice discussions about the neighborhood, pausing in front of the Elliott Bay Brew Pub to talk about how nice it would be to have a Trader Joe's in next door to that. As shown in the map a few posts back, there is a large chunk of contiguous property owned by the Pierres that is currently being used mostly for storage and parking.

We noted many pot holes on 125th, and made a report to SDOT. You can track the progress of the repairs here.  Use the "select neighborhood" pull down to select Olympic Hills. Please report any that are not shown.

One pothole in particular was noted last night at the south blockface near the intersection of 127th and 30th in the SW quadrant. It is hidden by the small pond that takes up about a good third of the road at that location whenever it rains. A complete solution would be to fix the drainage issue AND the pot hole. There is a storm drain that is about 25 feet away that has the grate too high to drain the pond. This could be a meeting topic and letter to the city from DPC to address this issue. We could also invite SPU and SDOT reps to a meeting to discuss solutions to this problem as well.

There were many "buttons" that were knocked loose from the pavement during last week's bad weather. SDOT said they will not be reusing them, so we collected about a dozen or so on our walk. The traffic counter cables were damaged as well. They said a street cleaner should be out soon to clean the road up.

Monday, January 23, 2012

LC Shelter - Meeting Minutes from 01/03/11

Lake City UGM Shelter Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
  1. Call to order
Terry C. Pallas called to order the regular meeting of the Lake City Shelter Advisory Committee at 4:05pm on 1/3/2012 in the Lake City Community Center Meeting Room.
  1. Roll call
The following persons were present: 
  • Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission – Terry C. Pallas 
  • Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission – Paul LaRose
  • Lake City Development Council – Joe Simmons
  • At Large Business Member – Suzy Smith
  • At Large Resident Member – Janet Arkills
  • At Large Resident Member – Chuck Dickey
  • Lake City Task Force on Homelessness – Melanie Neufeld
  • At Large Business Member and Resident – Annie Stocker
The following persons were absent: 
  • Cedar Park – Elena Earle
  • North Council – Cheryl Klinker 
  • UGM Shelter guest - (not yet determined)
  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
Joe Simmons motioned to approve minutes, Chuck Dickey seconded. Minutes from 12/20/11 were approved.
  1. SUGM Statistical Report
    • 146 registered guests to date (Clarification: registered guests are not removed from list when not utilizing shelter, in case they return)
    • Meals served from Dec. 1st-31st is 3526 (114 meals a day average)
    • Bed nights from Dec. 1st-31st is 1248 (33 men average, 8 women average) (Higher in last two weeks of Dec., lower in first two weeks of Dec.)
Discussion ensued re: Shelter residency can be cyclical - dependent on weather, also dependent on time of month (guests receiving government services will typically not use shelter services during the first 5-7 days of month after receiving monthly payments.)
    • UGM Representative Terry reported a male guest enrolled in UGM’s New Creations treatment program after several weeks at LCShelter. Two men enrolled to date, Terry anticipates more, presented details regarding future positive outcomes, particularly peer influence of enrollees who complete recovery program on non-enrollees. 
    • UGM Representative Paul reported 1 woman referred to Hope Place, 2 in waiting. Terry presented details regarding difficulties in placing women, waiting lists for services, etc.
  1. Community Check-In
Committee Member Suzy reported:
      1. 5 calls in 2 days from local business owners. Complaints included: aggressive panhandling, shoplifting, and aggressive behavior towards customers (daytime), including one elderly woman physically assaulted.  Worked with UGM employee John and business owners to identify several as shelter guests.  Praised John’s responsiveness and responsibility.
      2. Discussed similar problems with LC police officers. Business owners reluctant to report to police, due to changes in policies of City of Seattle’s Trespassing Program.
Discussion ensued re: Why shelter guests aren’t using LCShelter picnic area instead of loitering by businesses. Various opinions expressed, including: guests not allowed to have alcohol on shelter premises, guests prefer time away from LCShelter.
      1. Reiterated need for monitoring/patrol, suggested UGM meet with business owners to reassure business owners.
Discussion ensued re: Ongoing loitering near Grocery Outlet/Papa Murphy, Bartell’s/Panda Express, new Pho An restaurant opening next to Sporthaus Schmetzer. Key points included:
  • Whether loitering is “new” homeless or “familiar” homeless. Various opinions expressed. Committee Member Chuck reported encountering 12 loiterers in front of Papa Murphy’s, frustrated, sees same group there daily.  Requested UGM take action to improve it.
  • Committee Member Annie asked how LCShelter communicates a community concern to LCShelter guests. UGM Representative Paul responded: addresses concerns at an optional community meeting daily, 7:30-8:00am (LCShelter guests not required to participate).  Talks one-on-one with LCShelter guest when he receives specific report.  UGM’s response is dependent on receiving reports from community.  Reiterated need to call shelter number (206-971-3556) to report problems. Paul noted belief that few guests causing problems, majority not, believes majority is beginning to have positive influence in preventing problems. 
  • Committee Member Suzy suggested dispersing LCShelter contact info to businesses via Lake City Chamber of Commerce email or flier, end triangulation of complaints, enable businesses to contact UGM directly.
  • UGM Representative Paul noted limitations; LCShelter guests not necessarily responsive to UGM reps attempts to remove LCShelter guests from public property. UGM has no legal authority to enforce non-loitering. 
  • Committee Members Annie and Janet suggested need for UGM to have clear expectations/communication with LCShelter guests on formal/informal community rules.
  1. Open Issues:
  1. Planning transition of shelter closing:  March 31st last day LCShelter will provide evening shelter. UGM Representative Terry stated that UGM will start communicating Feb. 1st to the guests that the shelter will be closing. UGM will work with guests on alternative resources; noted UGM has resources available to move LCShelter guests to downtown location.
Discussion ensued, re: Can LC TaskForce on Homelessness ask network of churches/service providers to “adopt” homeless individuals as shelter closes?  Key points included:
  • awkwardness of creating “artificial” relationships, versus “natural” relationships.
  • Clarification of differences in service programs: some require separation from society to be effective, other programs allow candidates to work, UGM doesn’t currently offer that service, possibility of LCShelter guests as candidates for an “adoption” process. 
  • Committee member consensus to collectively pursue possible church/business/individual resources, create database LCShelter can use to refer guests as applicable (as LCShelter closes).
  1. Litter Pick-up - planned for Thursday 9:00-10:30am. LC Taskforce representative Melanie committed to supervising weekly litter patrols. Paul can promote litter patrol with one-day notice, anticipates 8-15 LCShelter guests as possible participants. Annie volunteered. Committee Member Chuck requested materials be inventoried so tools returned properly.
  2. LC Shelter Guest incentives: Committee Member Suzy reiterated offer to use Lake City funds for positive incentives to reward shelter guest behavior, prevent nuisance behavior. UGM Representative Paul suggested $5 increment gift cards to local eateries (Starbucks, Dick’s, Subway, Papa Murphy’s) as well as weather-resistant gloves.
  3. LC Taskforce on Homelessness weekly patrol - 2-4 people on alternating Wednesday/Friday evenings at 7:00pm.
  4. Tent City 3 (TC3) on 145th:  UGM Representative Paul responded to question - said LCShelter not seeing influx from TC3. LCShelter does get homeless from TC3, but Paul says they don’t typically stay. Paul noted that LCShelter guests are coming from outside of Lake City, referred by hospitals, mental health facilities, service providers, word of mouth. Several guests have come from downtown UGM then returned.
  1. Action Items:
  1. (Suzy) Will contact Diane at Lake City Chamber re: posting LCShelter contact info to local businesses.
  2. (Suzy) Will pursue purchasing small denomination gift certificates to local restaurants to donate to LCShelter.
  3. (Terry) Will contact City of Seattle re: city representative attending advisory meetings.
  4. (Terry) Will work on LCShelter newsletter, send it out to committee members for feedback.
  5. (Melanie) Will contact churches/service provider networks to discuss transitional options for guests in anticipation of LCShelter closure, will present idea at next LC Taskforce on Homelessness meeting.
  6. (Melanie) Will schedule and monitor litter pick-up weekly for Thursdays. (Annie) volunteered to help and/or lead. (Chuck) will provide materials. (Paul) will inventory materials and ensure they are returned.
  7. (Joe) Will pursue possible donations of weather-resistant gloves for LCShelter.
  8. (All Committee Members) Will research possible “adoption” resources for referrals as shelter closes.
  1. Adjournment
Terry C. Pallas adjourned the meeting at 5:05pm. Next meeting 1/10/12.