Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Walk Report - Monday, January 23rd

There were eight Douglas Parkers out for the walk last night. We traveled the usual Monday path and picked up quite a bit of litter. We had some nice discussions about the neighborhood, pausing in front of the Elliott Bay Brew Pub to talk about how nice it would be to have a Trader Joe's in next door to that. As shown in the map a few posts back, there is a large chunk of contiguous property owned by the Pierres that is currently being used mostly for storage and parking.

We noted many pot holes on 125th, and made a report to SDOT. You can track the progress of the repairs here.  Use the "select neighborhood" pull down to select Olympic Hills. Please report any that are not shown.

One pothole in particular was noted last night at the south blockface near the intersection of 127th and 30th in the SW quadrant. It is hidden by the small pond that takes up about a good third of the road at that location whenever it rains. A complete solution would be to fix the drainage issue AND the pot hole. There is a storm drain that is about 25 feet away that has the grate too high to drain the pond. This could be a meeting topic and letter to the city from DPC to address this issue. We could also invite SPU and SDOT reps to a meeting to discuss solutions to this problem as well.

There were many "buttons" that were knocked loose from the pavement during last week's bad weather. SDOT said they will not be reusing them, so we collected about a dozen or so on our walk. The traffic counter cables were damaged as well. They said a street cleaner should be out soon to clean the road up.

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