Thursday, January 26, 2012

Post-storm potholes turn 125th into moonscape

This pothole on N 130th Street caused at least 3 flats in the course of an hour.

One of the most visible urban issues —one that politicos know easily riles up the public— are those craters that make driving some Seattle streets like negotiating an obstacle course.

During our last neighborhood walk, DPC neighbors noted many of the holes on NE 125th Street. The street was recently repaved in patches as part of the road diet that took the street from four lanes to two, a turning lane and bike lanes.

The recent storm seems to have torn up pavement along the seams where the old pavement and the patchwork of new pavement meet. We assume lack of funding was a reason the street was only paved in small patches instead of a complete job.

So as you are out there driving, please be careful. At least one of our neighbors had a car tire exploded after hitting a hole on 130th. Other cars have been seen swerving on 125th, trying to avoid the holes.

You can help out and report potholes using this online form. Remember, if they don't know there is a problem, it will never be fixed.

The Seattle P-I has more on Mayor Mike McGinn's promise to quickly repair the holes.

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