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LC Shelter - Meeting Minutes from 01/03/11

Lake City UGM Shelter Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
  1. Call to order
Terry C. Pallas called to order the regular meeting of the Lake City Shelter Advisory Committee at 4:05pm on 1/3/2012 in the Lake City Community Center Meeting Room.
  1. Roll call
The following persons were present: 
  • Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission – Terry C. Pallas 
  • Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission – Paul LaRose
  • Lake City Development Council – Joe Simmons
  • At Large Business Member – Suzy Smith
  • At Large Resident Member – Janet Arkills
  • At Large Resident Member – Chuck Dickey
  • Lake City Task Force on Homelessness – Melanie Neufeld
  • At Large Business Member and Resident – Annie Stocker
The following persons were absent: 
  • Cedar Park – Elena Earle
  • North Council – Cheryl Klinker 
  • UGM Shelter guest - (not yet determined)
  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
Joe Simmons motioned to approve minutes, Chuck Dickey seconded. Minutes from 12/20/11 were approved.
  1. SUGM Statistical Report
    • 146 registered guests to date (Clarification: registered guests are not removed from list when not utilizing shelter, in case they return)
    • Meals served from Dec. 1st-31st is 3526 (114 meals a day average)
    • Bed nights from Dec. 1st-31st is 1248 (33 men average, 8 women average) (Higher in last two weeks of Dec., lower in first two weeks of Dec.)
Discussion ensued re: Shelter residency can be cyclical - dependent on weather, also dependent on time of month (guests receiving government services will typically not use shelter services during the first 5-7 days of month after receiving monthly payments.)
    • UGM Representative Terry reported a male guest enrolled in UGM’s New Creations treatment program after several weeks at LCShelter. Two men enrolled to date, Terry anticipates more, presented details regarding future positive outcomes, particularly peer influence of enrollees who complete recovery program on non-enrollees. 
    • UGM Representative Paul reported 1 woman referred to Hope Place, 2 in waiting. Terry presented details regarding difficulties in placing women, waiting lists for services, etc.
  1. Community Check-In
Committee Member Suzy reported:
      1. 5 calls in 2 days from local business owners. Complaints included: aggressive panhandling, shoplifting, and aggressive behavior towards customers (daytime), including one elderly woman physically assaulted.  Worked with UGM employee John and business owners to identify several as shelter guests.  Praised John’s responsiveness and responsibility.
      2. Discussed similar problems with LC police officers. Business owners reluctant to report to police, due to changes in policies of City of Seattle’s Trespassing Program.
Discussion ensued re: Why shelter guests aren’t using LCShelter picnic area instead of loitering by businesses. Various opinions expressed, including: guests not allowed to have alcohol on shelter premises, guests prefer time away from LCShelter.
      1. Reiterated need for monitoring/patrol, suggested UGM meet with business owners to reassure business owners.
Discussion ensued re: Ongoing loitering near Grocery Outlet/Papa Murphy, Bartell’s/Panda Express, new Pho An restaurant opening next to Sporthaus Schmetzer. Key points included:
  • Whether loitering is “new” homeless or “familiar” homeless. Various opinions expressed. Committee Member Chuck reported encountering 12 loiterers in front of Papa Murphy’s, frustrated, sees same group there daily.  Requested UGM take action to improve it.
  • Committee Member Annie asked how LCShelter communicates a community concern to LCShelter guests. UGM Representative Paul responded: addresses concerns at an optional community meeting daily, 7:30-8:00am (LCShelter guests not required to participate).  Talks one-on-one with LCShelter guest when he receives specific report.  UGM’s response is dependent on receiving reports from community.  Reiterated need to call shelter number (206-971-3556) to report problems. Paul noted belief that few guests causing problems, majority not, believes majority is beginning to have positive influence in preventing problems. 
  • Committee Member Suzy suggested dispersing LCShelter contact info to businesses via Lake City Chamber of Commerce email or flier, end triangulation of complaints, enable businesses to contact UGM directly.
  • UGM Representative Paul noted limitations; LCShelter guests not necessarily responsive to UGM reps attempts to remove LCShelter guests from public property. UGM has no legal authority to enforce non-loitering. 
  • Committee Members Annie and Janet suggested need for UGM to have clear expectations/communication with LCShelter guests on formal/informal community rules.
  1. Open Issues:
  1. Planning transition of shelter closing:  March 31st last day LCShelter will provide evening shelter. UGM Representative Terry stated that UGM will start communicating Feb. 1st to the guests that the shelter will be closing. UGM will work with guests on alternative resources; noted UGM has resources available to move LCShelter guests to downtown location.
Discussion ensued, re: Can LC TaskForce on Homelessness ask network of churches/service providers to “adopt” homeless individuals as shelter closes?  Key points included:
  • awkwardness of creating “artificial” relationships, versus “natural” relationships.
  • Clarification of differences in service programs: some require separation from society to be effective, other programs allow candidates to work, UGM doesn’t currently offer that service, possibility of LCShelter guests as candidates for an “adoption” process. 
  • Committee member consensus to collectively pursue possible church/business/individual resources, create database LCShelter can use to refer guests as applicable (as LCShelter closes).
  1. Litter Pick-up - planned for Thursday 9:00-10:30am. LC Taskforce representative Melanie committed to supervising weekly litter patrols. Paul can promote litter patrol with one-day notice, anticipates 8-15 LCShelter guests as possible participants. Annie volunteered. Committee Member Chuck requested materials be inventoried so tools returned properly.
  2. LC Shelter Guest incentives: Committee Member Suzy reiterated offer to use Lake City funds for positive incentives to reward shelter guest behavior, prevent nuisance behavior. UGM Representative Paul suggested $5 increment gift cards to local eateries (Starbucks, Dick’s, Subway, Papa Murphy’s) as well as weather-resistant gloves.
  3. LC Taskforce on Homelessness weekly patrol - 2-4 people on alternating Wednesday/Friday evenings at 7:00pm.
  4. Tent City 3 (TC3) on 145th:  UGM Representative Paul responded to question - said LCShelter not seeing influx from TC3. LCShelter does get homeless from TC3, but Paul says they don’t typically stay. Paul noted that LCShelter guests are coming from outside of Lake City, referred by hospitals, mental health facilities, service providers, word of mouth. Several guests have come from downtown UGM then returned.
  1. Action Items:
  1. (Suzy) Will contact Diane at Lake City Chamber re: posting LCShelter contact info to local businesses.
  2. (Suzy) Will pursue purchasing small denomination gift certificates to local restaurants to donate to LCShelter.
  3. (Terry) Will contact City of Seattle re: city representative attending advisory meetings.
  4. (Terry) Will work on LCShelter newsletter, send it out to committee members for feedback.
  5. (Melanie) Will contact churches/service provider networks to discuss transitional options for guests in anticipation of LCShelter closure, will present idea at next LC Taskforce on Homelessness meeting.
  6. (Melanie) Will schedule and monitor litter pick-up weekly for Thursdays. (Annie) volunteered to help and/or lead. (Chuck) will provide materials. (Paul) will inventory materials and ensure they are returned.
  7. (Joe) Will pursue possible donations of weather-resistant gloves for LCShelter.
  8. (All Committee Members) Will research possible “adoption” resources for referrals as shelter closes.
  1. Adjournment
Terry C. Pallas adjourned the meeting at 5:05pm. Next meeting 1/10/12. 

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