Sunday, December 16, 2012

Meeting tomorrow regarding new Olympic Hills school

For those who have not been following the Building Excellence IV plans, the proposal for Olympic Hills Elementary is for the current building to be demolished and replaced with a new building. There are significant changes proposed for other schools in the area as well. This will be a very large capital investment in our area and there will be opportunities ( like tomorrow night ) for us to provide Seattle Public Schools with the community feedback necessary for a successful redevelopment. 
Below is a repost from the Pinehurst Blog

SPS Capacity Management Meeting for NE Seattle
Northeast Community Meeting
Monday, December 17th 6:30-8pm
Olympic Hills Elementary School
13018 – 20th Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98125
Seattle Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Pegi McEvoy and School Board Director Sharon Peaslee will be attending an informal meeting to provide information and answer questions for the Northeast Region of school communities about capacity management, and the BEX IV plans for new schools in the region. School and neighborhood community members are invited.
Background Information:  SPS is currently working on short-term capacity management, and the New Assignment Plan Transition Plan for the 2013-14  school year.  The Transition Plan is scheduled to be finalized in late January, in time for 2013-14 open enrollment.  SPS will not begin interim planning until the Spring of 2013, with completion in time for open enrollment for the 2014-15 school year.  Interim capacity management is needed to bridge capacity shortages from the 2014-15 school year until BEXIV projects come online, and will involve interim housing for some school communities.
Planned Northeast-area projects, to funded by the upcoming BEXIV levy (if it passes), and the proposed timeline:
·        2016: New NE elementary school (650 seats) built adjacent to the existing Thornton Creek Elementary school (or equivalent capacity added at another location).
·        2017 (or 2016): New 680-720-seat K-8 building at Pinehurst site (tear-down/rebuild), to house the Environmental Sciences K-8 program currently housed in the Jane Addams building.  No plan has been announced for the current Pinehurst (AS-1) program.  The K-8 program is to remain in the building until their new building is ready, unless an alternative interim housing plan is announced.
·        2017: Jane Addams building repurposed as a comprehensive middle school (960-seats).  Interim housing of students within the Jane Addams Middle School feeder pattern could begin anytime between 2013 and 2017.  The location and implementation plan for the interim Jane Addams Middle School has not yet been announced.
·        2017: New building opens for Olympic Hills Elementary (500-650 –seat capacity).  The interim housing site for Olympic Hills has not been announced.