Monday, July 1, 2013

Lifetime Learning Center - summer course registration

The Lifetime Learning Center in Lake City is offering 9 classes for the summer schedule. 

The cost is $50 for registration and you can attend as many classes as you like. You can register online here.

WHEN: Every Tuesday and Wednesday during the four weeks of July, beginning July 9, 2013.

WHERE: 3841 NE 123rd in the Education Wing on the lower floor. 

To learn more about the classes call 206-949-8882 or visit

Class Descriptions - Tuesdays

Presidential Trivia: Providential Contexts9:30-10:45
Les McKimTBD
In this class, we will exchange knowledge of topics related to our presidents and their spouses. Topics will come as they do in real life-randomly, not chronologically or by topic. Participants will serve as the main resource. Bring a 3 x 5 card to the first class with a sample question relative to any American president. Example: who saved a portrait of George Washington that was hanging in the White House? Each question will lead to a discussion of about five minutes. The discussion should be lively, challenging and fun.

Richard Hugo11:00-12:15
Bruce BigleyTBD
Who was Richard Hugo? Most of you have heard of Richard Hugo House, but you may not know much about this nationally known poet with deep roots in Seattle and Western Washington, as well as in Montana, where I taught with him at the University. We will read two or three poems in each class period, and discuss them, with a focus on the poems set in our area. Copies of poems will be provided, but if you want a book, either the Selected Poems or Making Certain It Goes On: The Collected Poems of Richard Hugo, both published by Norton, are widely available, both new and used.

Rosen Movement11:00-12:00
Cameron JustamTBD
Created by Marion Rosen to foster, support, and maintain flexibility during the aging years. This goal is aided by music, which provides fun and inspiration to move all the joints with ease in an hour. Come move with us-be more open to the day and to life!

Summer Mystery Tour1:00-2:00
David MartinTBD
You are invited to an exploration of the International Fine Art of Mystery Writing. Come exchange books, learn about new authors you haven't read. Talk about ideas and your favorite sleuths. Police, Private Detectives, Medical Examiners, Forensic Pathologists, Forensic Anthropologists-even detectives set in the Middle Ages.

Film: There's a Ford in Your Past: John Ford Paints History1:00-3:00
Jim MohundroTBD
The Iron Horse (1924), silent, George O'Brien and Madge Bellamy, 149 minutes. (Note: Because of the film's length, its showing may be divided between the first and second weeks, unless the entire class wishes to see the film in one showing). The Informer (1935), Victor McLaglen, Preston Foster, Una O'Connor, Joseph Sawyer, Heather Angel, Margot Grahame, Donald Meek, Wallace Ford, J.M. Kerrigan, Joseph Sauers (Joe Sawyer) and Donald Meek, 92 minutes. Young Mr. Lincoln (1939), Henry Fonda, Alice Brady, Marjorie Weaver, Arleen Whelan, Eddie Collins, Pauline Moore, Richard Cromwell, Ward Bond, Donald Meek and Milburn Stone, 100 minutes. My Darling Clementine (1946), Henry Fonda, Victor Mature, Linda Darnell, Walter Brennan, Tim Holt, Ward Bond, Alan Mowbray, John Ireland, Jane Darwell and Grant Withers, 97 minutes.

Class Descriptions - Wednesdays

Shakespeare's The Tempest9:30-10:45
Bobbie SimoneTBD
Seattle Shakespeare Company's Wooden O Theater presents The Tempest in its summer season of free performances in the parks of Seattle and environs. In a time of European exploration and schemes of Utopias, Shakespeare set this play on an island in the "Bermudas," where several shipwrecked groups experience the original "sea change," finding love and forgiveness rather than rancor and revenge for wrongs endured. This is the last of Shakespeare's comedies and his farewell to the theater. We will read and discuss the play, see a film, and attend an outdoor performance. The Folger library edition will be available from the instructor at the first meeting.

The Poetry of Robert Frost11:00-12:15
Michael ShurgotTBD
This course will study a number of Robert Frost's better known poems, both for their literary value and their technical skill. The class will include poems from Frost's early and later books, including A Boy's Will, North of Boston, Mountain Interval, New Hampshire, A Witness Tree, West Running Brook, and A Further Range. A packet of poems will be provided for $2.50.

Tai Chi11:00-12:00
Ann RossTBD
Tai Chi is a slow moving meditation to improve health, balance and spirit. From the gentle practice of the postures, you will learn about your physical and spiritual center.

How Birds Work1:00-2:15
Connie SidlesTBD
People use tools and civilization to survive in the natural world. Birds have only themselves. Come along with master birder and author Connie Sidles as she takes you on a tour of bird's anatomy, showing how birds use their physical attributes to survive and thrive. With the help of bird skins from the Burke Museum, you'll learn about feathers, bills, feet, tails, eyes, ears, and other bird parts that allow birds to be perfectly adapted to their environment. After this series of hands-on classes, you'll never look at birds the same way again.