Friday, November 25, 2011

Union Gospel Mission shelter moves in

Shelter resident Martha Weiss plays her violin after eating dinner at the new Union Gospel Mission winter shelter. Photo used with permission.

On Thanksgiving day dozens of homeless people moved into the new Union Gospel Mission shelter at the old Fire Station 39.

The new residents were served an early afternoon Thanksgiving dinner by about 15 volunteers at the shelter.

When asked what kind of things the shelter needs, UGM staff member Paul LaRose said now the need is for women's clothing of various sizes.

The shelter provides a hot breakfast, an onsite sack lunch and a hot dinner for residents. They also provide a day room so people do not have to loiter outside during the day.

Here is more from the Seattle P-I.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Garbage pickup on Saturday, other Thanksgiving tips from SPU

Seattle Public Utilities offers the following reminders and tips for a safe and green Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Friday's garbage and food/yard waste collections for our neighborhood will be on Saturday this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Unwanted Thanksgiving leftovers go in the food and yard waste cart. Even giblets.
  • Prevent sewer backups- keep fat, oil and grease out of the sink drain.
  • Prevent flooding by keeping leaves out of the storm drains.
  • Seattle uses approximately 292 million plastic bags annually. Bring your own reusable bag if you go out shopping this weekend, or recycle the ones you receive.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekly Walk Report 02: November 21st

A group of neighbors walked the streets of our community Monday night for our weekly walk. The event builds community, offers free exercise and allows us to note things in our neighborhood that we can report to proper authorities.

The following are some of the notes made by the weekly walkers:

  • At 125th and 25th on the SW corner the Adopt a Street sign broke at the base and is laying on the ground. Status: Reported this to the Adopt a Street program
  • At Hiram and 25th there is a fallen branch from the madrone tree that needs to be removed. Status: Reported this to the Adopt a Street program
  • At 125th and 26th on the SW corner along the sidewalk in front of the 2527 property, there is an overgrowth of ivy that goes roughly 2 feet over the sidewalk. Status: Reported this to DPD.
  • At 125th and 26th on the SW corner along the sidewalk in front of the 2527 property, there is the remnants of a fallen tree in the ledger strip that needs to be stumped so that the grass can be mowed. Status: Reported this to SDOT.
  • At the SW corner of 127th and 30th there is an ongoing drainage issue. The area floods during rain. If you walk along the south side of the street you are forced out into traffic. This is an ongoing issue that has been brought to the city's attention in the past. It one of many drainage issues in our neighborhood. This will require a letter from the community and some long term tracking to resolve. Could be a meeting topic and maybe a letter writing campaign to the City to fix this drainage issue.
Evidence of heavy drinking

  • The southern section of the east block face of 30th, north of 127th. There was evidence of heavy drinking in the stairwells behind the Panos property. Dozens of empty malt liquor cans and Irish Rose bottles found there. This is an ongoing issue that has been brought to the attention of the city and Panos Properies in the past. Two primary factors seem to contribute to this: the 99 cent store selling the product and the multiple areas behind the building where the products are consumed. The 99 cent store is also known to sell "roses" that are contained in glass tubes that are used for smoking crack. Letter writing campaign to the City and the property owner to get the walls removed.

Block Watch meeting with Terrie Johnston, crime prevention coordinator

Terrie Johnston
(206) 684-7711
Members of the Douglas Park Cooperative have been invited to a meeting with Terrie Johnston, Seattle Police Department's North Precinct crime prevention coordinator.

Earlier this year Johnston replaced Diane Horswill as a contact for setting up a Block Watch meetings or discussing problems with neighborhood crime.

During the meeting Johnston and officials from the city and block watches will discuss public safety in our neighborhood, current criminal activity, and the role residents can play in reducing crime and increasing quality of life.
Here are the details:

WHEN:  Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 7:00 p.m.

WHERE:  Lake City Presbyterian Church, 40th Avenue NE and NE 123rd St

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Douglas Park Cooperative calendar

Have you noticed our calendar page?

We will post messages about meetings and other events relevant to our neighborhood on our calendar page.

You can visit it here or by clicking on calendar on the navigation bar above.

Neighborhood walk tonight, Monday

Come out for our weekly neighbor walk tonight, Monday, November 21. We will walk to get to know one another, get some free exercise and record and report issues in our community.

Since we often have to walk in the street due to lack of sidewalks, please wear brightly-colored or reflective clothing. A flashlight helps too. Pets on a leash are welcome.

We will meet at the Lake City Playground, 2750 NE 125th St (map below), at 7 p.m.

Hope to see you there!

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