Friday, January 27, 2012

Pothole rangers tackle 125th moonscape

Pothole Rangers work to fill potholes on NE 125th Street.

The street is shown before the crew arrived

Seattle's Pothole Rangers filled part of the moonscape that NE 125th Street had become after our recent winter storm.

A crew of three City of Seattle workers worked at a fast pace as they were observed filling the holes on the eastbound lanes of the road Friday.

The city said they had dozens of reports about the potholes, many likely from DPC neighbors. The dangerous craters forced cars to veer into the bicycle lane or turning lane to avoid them.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn earlier this week announced that the city was working to fill holes withing three days of a report.

The rangers have their work cut out for them as our city's aging infrastructure took a beating from the recent winter storm.

To report a pothole you can use this easy online form.

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