Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pierre Properties

Here is a map overlay of the Lake City Hub Urban Village. It is in the area that is light blue. The gold area is single family residential. The grey is property zoned commerical. Green is parks. Red is property owned by the Pierre brothers.

The Pierre brothers have hired CB Richard Ellis to help them with future development plans for their properties in Lake City. There is talk about working with the UW Urban Planning department to come up with a strategy and they are also looking for input from the community.

The next North District Council Meeting on February 1st at 7PM in the LC Library will have representatives of the Pierre's there to discuss.

There is a large contiguous section along 127th that is not only within the HUV but also next to the library and the new Elliott Bay Brew Pub. This may be a great location for a Trader Joe's as a first floor anchor tenant on a 5 story condo / apartment complex....

If anyone has additional information, email us and we'll post updates.

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