Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of Seattle's best sledding spots here in our neighborhood

UPDATE: Please be careful when sledding! The Seattle P-I reports that on Monday a four year-old child ended up in a chilly pond at Jackson Park golf course about 4:25 p.m. The child was reportedly sledding under parents supervision when he ended up in the pond. He was quickly pulled out and treated my medics.

While at the park Monday we also noticed a large hole, marked by an orange cone, that could potentially swallow a small child. Just be aware where your child is sledding. The hill on the northeast corner of the park seems to be the most popular and safest.

When snow comes, and schools close, streets in Seattle are taken over by kids and their sleds. On Tuesday, Seattle's Department of Transportation reminded people that sledding on city streets is technically illegal — however it is rarely enforced.

Fortunately for people in our neighborhood, we happen to live near one of the best legal sledding spots in the city.

The City's public Jackson Park Golf Course offers a varied terrain of hills and flat areas. The park usually opens for sledding when there is more than four-inches of snow on the ground. However, on Monday dozens of families were in the park with sleds and smiling kids.

There used to be a large hole in the fence that allowed access near the intersction of 15th Ave NE and NE 135th. However the fence has been replaced and topped with barbed wire. Entry is now possible from the course entrance up the hill, 1000 Northeast 135th Street.

Seattle Parks offers a hotline at 684-4075 to learn if a park has been designated as safe for sledding.

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