Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Crime Plot

Here is the CrimePlot for February. The area  included is from 20th to 35th, 135 to 120th.

Here are some tallies on the different 911 events. It looks like many of the calls in for public drinking are registering as "Disturbances." 
    2 Casualties from overdose.
    8 Felony Warrant arrests ( one at 127th and 25th )
    67 Disturbances ( most of them within a block of the Old 39 )
    16 Adult Liquor Violations ( all within a block of the Old 39 )
    30 Mental Complaints
    9 Mischief / Nuisance Complaints
    3 Parks Exclusions
    11 Shoplifts
    10 Residential Burglaries
    8 Commerical Burglaries
    55 Suspicious Person calls
    15 Suspicious Vehicle calls
    8 Car Prowl thefts

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