Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Future of the Old 39 - Lake City Residents' intent

Back in the mid 90's, hundreds of Lake City residents spent thousands of hours with the City crafting a Comprehensive Plan to use for guiding and evaluating the development of the Lake City Hub Urban Village. The City wanted to increase density in the area and the Plan was designed to make sure it was done in a way that improved the quality of life for the residents inside and surrounding the HUV.

An important part of this plan was to scale up and improve civic amenities in what the Plan calls the Civic Core. The policy adopted was for the city to acquire as much property close to or adjacent to the existing civic buildings to create a cluster. The intent for the Old 39 was to create an open space / Farmer's Market. It also made it a priority to provide an activities center for youth and seniors as well as a job bank. 

Here is some language from the document:

Under Goal 3, the old 39 is intended to be used as a park or open space, and a map of the Civic Core Plan shows the Farmers Market there.
Goal 3 - Develop a cluster of community public facilities, conveniently located and capable of serving the area's projected population.
Policy 1. Acquire parcels of land now, contiguous or very close together, that are necessary to build community facilities needed now and in the future.
Strategy 2: Implement the Civic Core plan.
Action G. Create park or open space on current fire station/NSC site.

Under Goal 11, the City is to make it a priority to purchase land within the Civic Core and to develop assets for the community’s civic pursuits.
Goal 11 - Provide public services adequate to serve current and future populations.
Policy 1. Land for capital facilities and other resources shall be acquired in anticipation of population growth, based on valid demographic projections.
Policy 2.  Community reviews or performance audits of current services will be conducted periodically to assess effectiveness.
Strategy 2: Work to expand or develop programs and services needed by a diverse
population to deal with mental iIIness, addictive dependencies, as well as the need for day care for young and old, a job resource bank, language services, recycling, a central family service center and other needed social services
Action A. Inventory available social services for young and senior citizenry throughout the Planning Area.
Action B. Evaluate the need for additional social services for young and old citizenry.
Action C. Provide needed facilities and services as identified. Suggestions include senior center(s) and teen center{s).
Strategy 3:  Provide youth with lawful, constructive activities
Action C. Develop a Lake City job bank.
Action D: Determine the best location(s) and develop a Teen Center(s) with after school and evening programs for youth.
Action E. Develop a family-oriented skateboard park, modeled after the one in Ellensburg, with picnic benches, artwork and other public amenities, near the Civic Core.

And here are a few pages with maps of the Civic Core Plan:

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