Friday, March 9, 2012

Input from residents, property owners within 1,000 feet of Old 39 requested by City

The City of Seattle is asking for input from property owners and residents within 1,000 feet of the Old 39. The fire station is currently being utilized by the Union Gosepel Mission as a temporary winter homeless shelter.

Many residents inside and outside of that 1,000 foot boundary have expressed strong opinions about the use of the old property as other possible uses for the property have also been discussed —and laid out in the Lake City Comprehensive neighborhood plan.

In the late-1990s the Lake City Comprehensive plan was a document crafted and agreed upon by members of the Lake City community and the City of Seattle. It envisioned changes in the neighborhood through 2014. The document outlines uses for the property once the new fire station was built.

The City's Department of Finance and Administrative Services has determined the property to be excess and is looking for input from residents.

The issue of the use of the site has been hotly debated as many feel the Lake City neighborhood has reached a saturation point with low-income services and housing. Some in the neighborhood have also discussed the passive way issues appear to be dealt with in the neighborhood instead of active programs that offer empowerment to low-income residents.

Below is the notice from the City of Seattle asking for input from those within 1,000 feet of the Old 39.

You may write or send a fax with your comments to

Department of Finance and Administrative Services
Attn: Richard Gholaghong
PO Box 94689, Seattle, WA

Richard Gholaghong at (206) 684-062


Fax (206) 684-0525

Comments are due by April 4, 2012 

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