Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PHOTO: Albert Davis Park birds

You may recall from a recent post the small bird nest we found in the grass at Albert Davis Park behind the Lake City Library.

The nest was a welcome site for our group during one of our twice-weekly neighborhood walks. Usually we find drug paraphernalia, bottles and cans used to feed addictions and other trash. See examples here, here and here.

When we first spotted the small nest there were four small eggs in there.

Well, when we returned the following morning to mark the nest with a couple surveyors flags so no one would stepped on it there was a surprise inside.

During the night or morning two of the eggs hatched into something else.


  1. Very cute. If mamma bird doesn't return, call Seattle Audubon Society or Dept. Of Fish & Wildlife. They will not live long if they don't get fed soon.

  2. ;) Nice to see a sweet little post like this from our 'hood.


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