Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Walk report - Thursday, April 26th

We started our walk out last night at Virgil Flaim Park. We found 18 empties ( including a Heineken Keg ) along the laurel hedge on the north. Earlier that day, a DPC member witnessed a drug sale in the park in the NE corner. He went over afterward and found about a dozen empty "dime bags" with white powder residue in them. He also had collected up 52 empties earlier that day in the park ( that is in addition to the 18 we found later that day. )

 We continued our usual route after that and found an additional 121 empties. The first photo includes (18) empties from the park + (121) from the route. The second includes (52) from the park earlier in the day + (56) collected from last Thursday.  That brings yesterday's total to 191 empties and the total since we started to 799 empties.

We are working on scheduling a meeting with representatives from Seattle Police, Seattle Parks and Rec, and Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to discuss the problems in Virgil Flaim and Albert Davis Parks. This meeting will be sometime in the next few weeks and we will post the time, date, and place as soon as we know.

Empties from Virgil Flaim Park
Found in NE corner of park
Found in NE corner of park

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