Sunday, April 22, 2012

Notes from DPC April 9th meeting

Below is a PDF  with notes from the April 9th meeting with Sally Bagshaw regarding Parks & Recreation in Lake City.

A few things to note:

- The major recent Parks expenditures in our area are:
1)  ~$800k for the purchase of the Varsity Building on 33rd, which will be torn down to make a park / open space. The land area is 10,000 sf. This was funded through the Parks and Greenspace Levy.
2) $500k is earmarked for improvements to the Cedar Park Playfield using funds from the Parks and Greenspace Levy. 
- It was emphasized that if we want a community center or any other major acquisition / development that we need to be able to clearly say what we want and say it with a unified community voice. This applies to sidewalks and greenways as well.

- To get programmed events up here at our current center, the best way to match the programming to what the community wants is to set up a Lake City Community Center Advisory Council with ARC and work with them. They can also act as a fiscal sponsor and accept donations for projects that we are working on getting matching funds for.

- The "Greenways" concept is very interesting and CM Sally Bagshaw  is very supportive of this. There are online tool kits for communities to use in developing a Greenway and funding is available from many sources.

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