Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Walk report

Typically you hear our reports of the overwhelming number of empty cans and bottles that feed addictions, the drug paraphernalia and prescription pill bottles, graffiti, and other evidence of nuisance behaviors we find and document on our twice-weekly neighborhood walks.

But all is not bad. Our walks help to build a sense of community and seem to act as informal meetings where we discuss our community and brainstorm ideas as we explore the neighborhood in real time.

And sometimes there are surprises.

On Monday night, while exploring in Albert Davis Park behind the Library, picking up litter and looking for empty bottles and cans, we found a small nest with four eggs built in the grass, a sure sign that spring is upon us.

The mother bird chirped nervously while perched on a nearby wall as Douglas Park Cooperative members passed through the area.

A DPC member later returned with a small flag to mark the nest so it wouldn't be stepped on by someone else walking through the area.

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