Friday, May 31, 2013

Organizers planning to move Eva's rocks Saturday morning (June 1st)

Recently we wrote about Eva Sismaet, a resident that lives on NE 130th Street and 27th Avenue NE. Because of a sidewalk that will soon be installed in front of her home, the retiree will have to move the garden that she has spent years perfecting along her property.

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Eva moves the rocks in her garden.
Eva created the garden to deal with runoff that was draining onto her parking area and to beautify the drainage ditch alongside her property on 130th. She also worked to beautify the area for her, and our enjoyment.

She was told by city officials that anything left in her garden once construction of the sidewalk starts would be swallowed up by heavy equipment.

The outpouring of support and offers to help to move the large amount of river rock that serves as drainage along her property were inspiring. Dozens of neighbors offered to help. So many people offered help that people organizing the effort consulted with Eva and decided they did not want to overwhelm her yard with too many helpers. About 10 of the first people that volunteered were organized to help with the rock relocation.

The volunteers plan to start moving Eva's rocks Saturday morning (June 1st) at 9 a.m.

Neighbors are still encouraged to stop by and say hi, and to help carry a few buckets of rocks if you feel like getting some exercise. Rock movers probably also wouldn't mind some refreshments or snacks as they form a bucket brigade to help move her rocks.

Mrs. Sismaet has also offered her elephant ear plants to neighbors that are willing to give them a good home.

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