Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vandals apparently 'shoot hoops' with public benches at Virgil Flaim Park

It appears someone was unable to keep their composure at Virgil Flaim Park Tuesday night. We assume that after losing at basketball they desperately needed a way to impress their buddies —perhaps drug use was involved, see evidence below.

A wooden bench near the basketball court was torn apart and it appeared the perpetrator that destroyed our community property tried to shoot some hoops with the bench parts, as evidence suggested Wednesday morning. It appears the vandal was at least able to make a basket with one of the boards.

The following photo shows where boards were forcibly ripped from one of the benches in the park.

And of course a couple of these drug bags sold at stores such as 99-cent Etc. were  scattered around the scene, leading one to believe that aside from obvious anger management problems, drug use was likely involved.

If you have information about who damaged the benches or if you see general mayhem in the park please call 911. Not only does it give an officer a reason to interact with those present, it also creates a data set about activity in our neighborhood that can later be used to increase patrols or enforcement.

Note: If you read sarcasm into part of this it was intended because some of the behavior exhibited in our Lake City public spaces is absurd.

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