Thursday, October 4, 2012

Announcement: No Winter Shelter at Fire Station 39

Last night at North District Council, Thomas Whittemore from the Department of Neighborhoods announced that there would not be a Winter Shelter at the Fire Station 39 this winter. This was confirmed by phone with Richard Gholaghong from FAS as well as Jerry DeGrieck at the Mayor's Office.

The public disorder in that area is still a problem though. The current thinking on the best use of the old fire station space is to provide a "Storefront" for Seattle Police, also known as a cop shop. It provides them with a place to complete their paperwork during work hours as well as a rest stop for eating and stretching. A strong police presence at that intersection will go a long way toward addressing the near constant public disorder that negatively impacts our perception of Lake City.

The future of this property is still up in the air, and your presence at the two upcoming meetings matter. More information about those here and here.

Below is a timeline of the Fire Station permitting and occupancy over the last two years.

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