Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stray grocery carts in our neighborhood

We have all seen them. The many stray grocery carts that seem to find their way into our neighborhood.

Often they become trash receptacles or sidewalk obstacles after people use them to transport groceries to their homes.

Well last weekend we saw a rather unique method that someone used to return a cart to Safeway on 15th Ave NE and NE 125th Street. See the photo below:

The scooter rider was traveling in the bike lane of NE 125th Street and wasn't going faster than 15 miles per hour. But his delivery method and dedication made for an interesting photo.

If you find an abandoned cart you can notify the appropriate store, or as the person above did, you can just return it yourself. Just be careful.

  • Bartell Drugs   206-362-7571
  • Fred Meyer     206-440-2433
  • Grocery Outlet  206-971-0192
  • Safeway 206-306-0504


  1. Just be careful...

  2. We should have a Cart Collection Day once every few months,and maybe someone with a nice pickup truck could cart them to their respective stores. Also, all those stores should get the wheel stops, so that they don't get taken away :)


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