Sunday, April 8, 2012

City of Seattle, Kaffeeklatsch reach agreement to keep unique bike rack

The Kaffeeklatsch bike rack

A City of Seattle traffic engineer visited Kaffeeklatsch coffee shop and bakery on Friday with an offer that business owner Annette Heide-Jessen couldn't refuse. The deal allowed the neighborhood bakery to keep their unique bike rack in front of their business.

The city "presented me with an option I could not turn down," said Heide-Jessen.

Under the proposal Kaffeeklatsch will donate their custom-made bike rack to the city of Seattle and the city will permanently bolt it down on the sidewalk in front of Kaffeeklatsch.

In addition the fire hydrant in front of the business will get appropriate red markings. The hydrant is difficult to see and cars regularly park in front of it.

"This is more than I had hoped for," Heide-Jessen said of the news.

The City of Seattle's request that the business remove the unique rack caused a recent uproar in the neighborhood. The issue became a topic on talk radio, online and on television news after it was reported that the city wanted to replace the custom rack with a $618 rack funded by taxpayers. The rack was originally built because the City of Seattle said they lacked funding for a rack. Heide-Jessen said she asked if she could put her own removable rack and at the time the City approved the rack.

A Facebook page was even set up to fight for the funky bike rack.

The story was originally reported here by Douglas Park Cooperative.

Once they install the bike rack Heide-Jessen plans a big celebration.

"Lake City up and coming and no one can stop us now," she said.

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