Thursday, March 29, 2012

Advocacy: Old Fire Station 39 email, signature campaign

If you have ever wanted to be involved in the future of your neighborhood, now is the time.

Community organization Families for Lake City is working with Douglas Park Cooperative and many other neighborhood organizations to share with City of Seattle leaders what seems to be an overwhelming sentiment about needs in our community.

Lake City is at a pivot point in its history and the neighborhood must act now.

The Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan written by the neighborhood and the City of Seattle calls for the Old Fire Station 39 to be part of our neighborhood Civic Core.

The plan says that the Old 39 is to be used to create a community open space or permanent Farmer's Market. The plan also made it a priority to provide an activities center for youth and seniors as well as a job bank, services severely lacking in our dense, urban community.

The City of Seattle's own Request For Proposal about the Lake City Community Center, written just weeks ago, states that services and amenities provided to the community in Lake City are "not comparable" to other Seattle neighborhoods.

As we worked in recent weeks to find space for Bike Works programming, it has become clearer that space where youth can be engaged in our community is severely lacking.

We want to keep City Leaders on-track to realize the Comprehensive Plan painstakingly crafted and agreed upon with visions of what our community could be.

Your voice is an important part of this equation. Please make it heard as it will make a difference.

Please go to the Families For Lake City website and use their email form to share your opinion and help decide the future of our neighborhood.

The link is here:

Douglas Park Cooperative is also circulating a petition, shown below.

You can sign the petition at Kaffeeklatsch coffee shop and bakery or print one, gather signatures and return it to Kaffeeklatsch.


  1. Thank you for doing this. I sent a letter to the city about the use of the building (recreation please!!!) but I will also stop by KaffeKlatsch tonight to sign.
    I agree, we in LC are at a crucial juncture, and the community at large is very underserved as far as services and amenities provided to the community as a WHOLE, not just for low-income or homeless. The old firehouse and the Lake City Community Center could be a catalyst for restoring some health, usefulness, and pride to LC.

  2. FYI I also sent a letter to all city council members, and it sounds like Sally Bagshaw will be at the next Doug Park meeting, as well as the Lake City Community Council in June. Here is the response:

    "Thanks for your email. I am writing to let you know that CM Bagshaw will be attending the Douglas Park Cooperative meeting on Monday, April 9th at 7 pm. She will attend the Lake City Community Council meeting on Thursday, June 14th. I encourage you to attend one or both of these meetings and share your concerns and ideas with CM Bagshaw this way as well. "


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