Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday walk report

Thursday's walk took our group of neighbors to 28th Avenue NE, where the road dead-ends near NE 130th Street.

Litter and grafitti have been regularly noted around the "Road End" sign.

We gathered all sorts of trash from the dead end cul-de-sac on Thursday. We also found four scattered and smashed hypodermic needles in a parking lot near the Seattle Preschool.

The area is a bustling corner of business and learning during the day with various automotive shops and the school operating during daylight hours. But at night the area seems to attract unsavory people and behavior, evidenced by the mess we regularly encounter there. Human feces and toilet paper were also found at the location on a previous walk.

Graffiti earlier reported on the dead end sign was removed by a volunteer.

We also recorded fresh graffiti on the rear of the Panos Property building on 30th Avenue NE.

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