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LC Shelter _Meeting Minutes from 12/20/11

Lake City UGM Shelter Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
  1. Call to order
Terry C. Pallas called to order the regular meeting of the Lake City Shelter Advisory Committee at 4:05pm on 12/20/2011 in the Lake City Community Center Meeting Room.
  1. Roll call
The following persons were present: 
  • Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission – Terry C. Pallas 
  • Lake City Development Council – Joe Simmons
  • At Large Business Member – Suzy Smith
  • At Large Resident Member – Janet Arkills
  • At Large Resident Member – Chuck Dickey
The following persons were absent: 
  • Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission – Paul LaRose 
  • Lake City Task Force on Homelessness – Melanie Neufeld
  • At Large Business Member and Resident – Annie Stocker
  • Cedar Park – Elena Earle
  • North Council – Cheryl Klinker 
  • UGM Shelter guest - (not yet determined)
  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
Joe Simmons motioned to approve minutes, Suzy Smith seconded. Minutes from 12/13/11 were approved.  UGM Representative Terry Pallas requested meeting agenda items be emailed to him to ensure inclusion in each week’s agenda.
  1. Community Check-In
Committee Member Suzy Smith reported:
    1. Aggressive panhandling in vicinity of Panda Express/FedEx store.  Would like to identify who these young people are, appears to be a new group.  Business owners fear retaliation if they pursue trespassing enforcement.
    2. Persistent loitering and drunken behavior in Lake City core, particularly in front of soccer store (Sporthaus Schmetzer). 
    3. Group discussed one drunken loiterer in particular (Niko). Would like to return home to Fiji, but does not have proper documentation. Terry asked how UGM can help. Suzy indicated Melanie has been working with him to get papers in order, requested UGM coordinate with Melanie. Terry noted several UGM legal services available to help with ID/passports, including walk-in clinic at downtown UGM facility. David Mace is director of UGM’s legal services.
Committee Member Joe Simmons reported:
  1. Less evening loitering near his business. (Has had homeless encamped there in evenings before and isn’t seeing as much now.)  Thanked UGM for providing evening shelter.
Committee Member Chuck Dickey reported: 
  1. No new info.
  2. Committee Member Suzy Smith asked about overflowing garbage cans on west side of Penos property (behind Papa Murphy’s). Chuck indicated he had cleaned it up before, will call Cleanscapes again to remove garbage.
Committee Member Janet Arkills reported: 
  1. Douglas Park Coop appreciated shelter guests helping with garbage pick-up on 12/15/11.
  2. Email from neighbor requesting UGM be notified of drunken incident outside home. (Neighbor believed 9:10 pm incident correlated to UGM’s 9:00 curfew.)
  3. Suggested UGM put out flier/biweekly newsletter informing neighbors on how to contact UGM when incidents occur.
Discussion ensued regarding city’s involvement. Group consensus that City of Seattle representative should be present at advisory meetings and is responsible for communicating information to neighborhood groups. Committee Member Janet Arkills spoke in person with Mayor McGinn 12/14/11 regarding lack of city representation, sent follow-up email to McGinn, Darryl Smith and Julie Salinas. No response as of 12/28/11. UGM representative Terry Pallas will contact city to follow-up on having a city representative present at meetings.
  1. SUGM Statistical Report
    • 112 registered guests to date, some transient. 40-50 staying the night.
    • Seeing increase in guests: Served between 30-35/ night in the first weeks, this week served up to 45-52/night. 
    • Noted differences in Lake City versus downtown, including: more people in cars, more people with personal encampments they revert to for addictive behaviors (which would be swept away downtown) 
Discussion ensued re: where encampments are. UGM representative Alex Buck is person to contact to report encampments: (206) 498-7913.
    • Shared quote from female LCS guest: “I just need somewhere to be safe. I was assaulted in my tent last night and need a place to be that is safe.”
    • Connected 4 women (2 with children) to Hope Place to date.
    • No male residents have registered for recovery programs. Potential of guests choosing recovery discussed. 
  1. New Business
  1. Discussion ensued re: exit strategy for UGM, future plans. UGM representative Terry Pallas stated UGM has no plans to continue shelter in Lake City area, unless the City of Seattle approached UGM and specifically requested it. Committee Member Suzy Smith noted misrepresentation of numbers and need in the Lake City area. Terry’s hope is that if shelter has positive impact, community would want it to stay.
  2. Discussion ensued re: Services at LC shelter comparison to downtown. UGM representative Terry Pallas stated that UGM is serving fewer mentally-ill in the Lake City area than it does in downtown area. Indicated Lake City area requires more UGM time and resources (such as advisory meeting) proportional to number of individuals served.
  3. Question re: day activities of guests. Entire south side of FS#39 facility cannot be occupied during day, due to pre-existing use permits. UGM has had to modify programming based on use-permit restrictions.  FS #39 use-permit history discussed. 
  4. Lake City Task Force on Homelessness has grant which brings Seattle University’s Nursing School volunteers to Lake City for screening, consultations and referrals for homeless health issues.
  5. UGM case managers available, if guests choose to use them. Discussion ensued re: development of relationships with guests, moving to recovery, time constraints, is UGM preparing guests for the close of the shelter.
Discussion ensued re: Mennonite involvement, Lake City Taskforce on Homelessness.
Summary: Terry noted difference between Mennonite’s philosophy of homeless and UGM’s philosophy, asked if community perceives that Mennonite’s acceptance of homeless has brought homeless into Lake City?  General group consensus that yes, that is perception. Terry noted they are trying to provide a resource that didn’t exist before - asked how UGM can help. Committee members responded:
  • regardless of numbers, the Mennonites/Lake City Taskforce on Homelessness have concentrated a homeless population into one area. Business core adversely affected by this concentration in same area where businesses are concentrated. 
  • business owners support UGM’s philosophy of recovery, but don’t see the numbers/need in Lake City.
  • communication is key factor: Mennonites/Lake City Taskforce on Homelessness appear to represent entire Lake City community, but include representatives from outside Lake City as well as paid fulltime homeless advocates. Creates a misperception that larger Lake City community supports Mennonites’ agenda, when agenda is unclear and under-publicized to Lake City community.
  • Suggestion that UGM communicate via neighborhood groups like Douglas Park Coop. Communication could include anecdotal info about shelter, who to contact in case of disturbances, shelter needs (socks, etc.) or requests for ways shelter guests could help support the neighborhood.
Committee Member Joe Simmons requested that contact information be included in meeting minutes so community knows who to contact and that UGM is responsive.
Terry Pallas, LCShelter Director - 206-501-6554
Paul LaRose, LCShelter, On-site Manager - 206- 388-7344
LCS Shelter Welcome Center - 206-971-3556
  1. Committee Member Chuck Dickey reported garbage pick-up on 12/15/11. Fifteen shelter guests participated. He is planning weekly garbage pick-ups in 2012.
Discussion ensued re: frustration with effects of few on larger community. Line between enabling and supporting.
  1. Action Items:
  1. (Chuck) Will follow-up on garbage pick-up behind Penos properties and continue planning weekly garbage pick-ups.
  2. (Terry) Will follow-up with Paul & Melanie to coordinate possible legal services for Niko re: documentation for traveling.
  3. (Terry) Contact City of Seattle re: having a city representative attend advisory meetings
  1. Adjournment
Terry C. Pallas adjourned the meeting at 5:15pm. No meeting 12/27/11. Next meeting 1/3/12.

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