Friday, December 2, 2011

Neighborhood photo, then and now

We have heard all likely heard stories about what kind of agricultural operations were in our neighborhood before it was developed into residential housing. There has been talk of horses in the neighborhood —evidenced by horse shoes regularly dug up in people's yards, the old polo club, a mink raising operation, a mushroom farm and chicken farm.

The photos below are of the intersection of 26th Avenue NE and NE 127th Street, part of the Kenwood land plat. The site is the modern home of the Seattle Gymnastics Academy and Daily Racing Form printing press.

This is part of an occasional series that features old photos from our community. If you have an old photo you would like to share send it to us and we will post it!

Also, if you have any more information on what kind of agriculture was in our neighborhood please leave info in the comments field below, comment on our Facebook Page, or email us at

The intersection of NE 127th Street and 26th Avenue NE. Part of an agricultural and farm operation.The photo is from King County property records and apparently is from 1955.

That same intersection today, home of Daily Racing Form printing press and Seattle Gymnastics Academy. Photo from Google Street View.

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  1. Nice find. What a cool picture. It's hard to believe this only 50 years ago my house was in the farmlands


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