Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekly Walk Report 03: November 28th

Our weekly walk on November 28th was one of our best yet.

Eight neighbors walked for almost an hour, picking up litter and talking about ways to improve our neighborhood.

The litter gathering walkers filled at least a couple bags with trash such as an empty bottle of 'Mad Dog,' a hypodermic needle, small pieces of aluminum foil and dozens of wrappers, bags and cups from Dick's Drive-In.

The majority of trash collected was behind the Panos Property building, home of the 99 Cent Etc. Store, Papa Murphy's Pizza, Hairmasters and Teriyaki Time -across from the new Union Gospel Mission homeless shelter.

A pair of suspicious-looking men were seen loitering behind the Panos Property brick walls, a popular hangout for people drinking and using drugs. 

One of two memorials seen during the walk.
Also discovered during the walk were two apparent memorials near the intersection of 30th Ave NE and NE 127th Street. City of Seattle data suggests there have been recent drug overdose deaths in the area and the memorials may be for the overdose victims.

People standing near one of the memorials said the the small shrine, adjacent to the parking lot for Elliott Bay Brewing Co., was for their friend Leonard who died recently.

Our weekly walks build community, offer free exercise and allows us to note things in our neighborhood that we can report to proper authorities. The walks also help us to better understand the issues that affect our community and lessen the fear that can build when you don't really understand your own neighborhood. Join us!

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