Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Study of Little Brook by UW Public Health students

For those unfamiliar with Little Brook, it is the neighborhood just northeast of Douglas Park. There is a small park by the same name at NE 143rd and 32nd Ave NE.
It is named for Little Brook Creek, which starts in this neighborhood and flows intermittently above and below ground through Lake City, connecting with Thornton Creek at Meadowbrook Pond.

The neighborhood is an important yet often neglected part of the Lake City community, and Lake City Greenways and several Little Brook residents have recently sought to change that…..

Lake City Greenways is a project seeking to create safe, healthy streets throughout our Lake City community. Our goal is to provide a network of routes--comfortable for those on foot, bike, skateboard, with walker, and in all modes—to get us to the places we need and want to go. LC Greenways has strong community support, but has found it a challenge to connect with and engage our neighbors in Little Brook—the dense, diverse neighborhood between 30th Ave NE and Lake City Way, and between NE 135th and NE 145th. We have been particularly concerned because the area has many pedestrians and some of the very worst street conditions in North Seattle.

LC Greenways had the great fortune to engage a class from the UW School of Public Health to do an intensive, month-long project in Little Brook to help us learn who lives there; what their challenges are; what they want for their neighborhood; what opportunities there are for building community; and what social structures are in place to help us connect.

The students’ findings are outlined in a 60-page, illustrated, and data-filled report on Little Brook that focuses on Crime and Road Safety; Public and Private Investment; and Social Cohesion.

It is fascinating and enlightening, and a great source for Lake City residents who want to know more about this pocket of our community. It will also be instrumental in helping LC Greenways and Lake City at large better connect with Little Brook.

You can view the Executive Summary below or here. You can download the full report here

More information about the study can be found at the Lake City Live post.
You  contact the Lake City Greenways here.

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