Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Men 'selling magazines' raise suspicions of multiple neighbors

A pair of men have been visiting homes in our neighborhood the last few days, knocking on doors and engaging residents that answered with a magazine sales pitch.

We want to preface the following that these men may be completely innocent and actually selling magazine subscriptions.

However, a few things made a few DPC neighbors suspicious of the men.

First, the two men approached the homes in a suspicious manner. A third man was seen walking with them, appearing to stand watch nearby with a cell phone at the ready.

When met by neighbors, they said they were students selling magazine subscriptions with money going to a program to augment their educational fees via community outreach.

The materials provided were vague and unprofessional.

Also, a neighbor did a web search of their organization and were unable to come up with the name they gave for their organization.

One of the men was said to be someone that has been seen lingering at Virgil Flaim Park.

They are described as 2 African American men, ages 30 +, about 5'-6". One wore a blue down jacket and a baseball cap with a straight brim.

Again, and we stress, these men may be completely innocent and genuinely be selling magazines. However three community members found their actions and method suspicious.

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