Friday, March 29, 2013

Lost and found: A pirate and a wallet with $100

Over the last few days people in our community have been losing things. The owners of two items found on the streets in recent days might want their items back and we are here to reunite owner and item.

First, a helpful neighbor found 'tis passed out scurvy pirate on NE 125th Street 'n 25th Avenue NE. We assume thar be a young jim laddie that be missin' his bucko. Message in a bottle (email) us 'n we gunna attempt to reuinte.

'tis wee sailor was found on th' street
'Tis wee sailor was found
Wallet and money found on the street.
Wallet and money found on the street.

Second, someone on NE 137th and 30th Ave NE seems to have lost some money.

A wallet with a $100 bill was found on the street and fortunately turned over to police by another helpful neighbor.

The wallet included enough information inside that police were able to leave a note on the owner's home.

If you lose something, or find something, such as a pet, pirate or $100 bill, email us and we may post to help you find your item.

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