Thursday, February 7, 2013

You know you're from Lake City when....

The Olympic Hills Polo Club as seen in 1935.

People in Lake City are a bit tough on their neighborhood. Sure we have some serious problems in our community and we seem to be the contemporary Northeast playground for the vices of Seattle.

Also, many here have a perception that folks down in Queen Anne, Madison Valley and Ballard see us as a sketchy neighborhood lined with asphalt car sales lots, strip clubs and weed shops. (Obviously some of that is true.)

But there is so much more to Lake City than many of those tired sterotypes.

The Facebook Group "You Know You're From Lake City" helps longtime residents wax nostalgic and share stories about our community. The group is also an effective way for newer residents to learn about some of the history of the neighborhood.

True to Lake City form, there is some occasional odd content posted there, but amid posts from people upset at how the neighborhood has changed and people posting about Lake City crime, there are some real gems, such as this historic photo above of the Olympic Hills Polo Club.

Member of the group post photos, anecdotes and commentary about the LC.

You can view or ask to join the Facebook Group by clicking here.

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  1. I grew up in Olympic Hills and remember riding horses at the old Olympic Hills Riding Academy. Many many years ago. I still live in the area.


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