Monday, February 25, 2013

PHOTO: Crows fly overhead at sunset

The sky is filled with crows passing over Lake City on Monday, Feb. 25th.

We see them every night. Just as the sun starts going down, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of crows make a daily trip over our neighborhood.

But the mystery is where do the flocks of birds that pass overhead like clockwork fly to roost every night?

If you know where they fly to, tell us in the comments.

Update: A commenter below said there is a large roost of crows in Kenmore. UW Bothell will host a talk on Thursday, March 15, 2012 with John Marzluff about the roosting behavior and other interesting aspects of crows that live in the Seattle area.

More info about the talk can be found here:

Thanks for the info! 

Update: It has also been noted that the talk invite says 2012 on it. So don't add it to your calendar yet until we can confirm the date.


  1. A few people have told me that many of them roost at Wallace Swamp Creek Park in Kenmore. That seems to square up with the direction they are traveling when I see them passing over my house.

    There was an interview with someone a few years back on KUOW about the crows in the Seattle area. She was saying that most of the crows that do the daily commute to Seattle are younger and that older crows go to the suburbs during the day. She also mentioned that they mate for life.

    I found a dead crow last summer by Virgil Flaim Park. When I approached it, there was a crow on a power line above it cawing at me in a way that sounded upset. Very interesting creatures.

  2. There is a talk about this very topic at UW Bothell on Thursday, March 15, 2012 with John Marzluff.

    Talking about Crows and Large Kenmore Roost

  3. I see them flying overhead at the same time every evening, heading north towards Bothell/Kenmore. So cool! The talk noted has a 2012 date; is there a correct date for march 2013?


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