Thursday, January 24, 2013

LCW, as seen from the International Space Station

The Seattle metro area as seen from space. (Click for larger)

You have likely seen this image in recent weeks. It was sent from the International Space Station by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield in a tweet from hundreds of miles above as the space station passed over Seattle. The image made the rounds on social media and local blogs when first published. The astronaut has become quite the Ansel Adams in the sky with his stunning photography of land and city scapes.

Well, if you look closely at the image of Seattle you can distinctly see our neighborhood, defined by Lake City Way, on the outer limits of Seattle. Click the image above for a larger view that clearly shows Lake City Way and our business core at the top right edge of the image.

Lake City Way is highlighted in red in the cropped version of the image at right. Lake Washington can be seen to the right of the red line showing LCW. Green Lake can be seen near the bottom left end of the red line.

As we all know, Seattle is a great place to live. But who knew our amazing city and even our corner on the outer limits looked so good from space.

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