Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lake City Library Calendar on DPC website

A screen shot of the Lake City Library calendar on their website
The Lake City branch of the Seattle Public Library regularly hosts educational programs and events. Some of these are events that would benefit many in our community. The challenge sometimes can be to get the word out.

This is something we have heard from neighbors and event organizers many times. It can be difficult to know all that is going on in our own community.

People in our neighborhood are working to solve that problem.

The Lake City Library has a wonderful online calendar and we have embeded the RSS feed from their calendar on the right column of the Douglas Park Cooperative website.

To find out more about a particular event just click on the item in the RSS feed and the details will pop up. We hope to have a similar feature from the Lake City Community Center in the future. The exchange of information is an important part of what will better our community.

Update: We have also imported info from their calendar into our Google calendar featured on the right of our website. But we are unsure if it will automatically update so that is a test of the data.

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