Friday, November 30, 2012

Singer who led our neighborhood parade helping hip-hop artist top the charts

Vocalists Ray Dalton, right, and Camila Recchio, center, lead our neighborhood parade.

During the Douglas Park Cooperative neighborhood block party a couple years ago, we hosted a parade of neighborhood kids to kick off the party. We were lucky enough to have the parade led by talented vocalists Ray Dalton and Camila Recchio, shown above.

Since then, the pair have had much success with their respective music careers. Recchio is releasing an album in January and Dalton teamed up with Seattle hip-hop artists Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, collaborating on their self-produced album that is topping all the charts.  As Associated Press national music writer Chris Talbott says, the lauded album is shaking up the hip-hop paradigm in the U.S.

Expect to hear much more about the two singers as they continue their skyrocketing careers after performing on our humble streets.

Below, Dalton performs with Seattle's chart-topping Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis on KEXP.

Below, Recchio and Dalton perform together.

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