Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Source of water flowing on 15th Avenue unknown

Update: The leak seems to have stopped on Thursday morning.

A steady and slowly increasing flow of water is coming from underground on 15th Avenue NE near NE 135th Street near a storm drain cover and fire hydrant. It is currently unknown where the water is coming from.

The flow of water started as a trickle and over the last couple days has steadily increased.

Seattle Public Utilities drilled holes in the street searching for the source of the water but were unable to determine where it was coming from. Workers were testing the water for chlorine and fluoride Wednesday afternoon trying to determine the source.

The low-lying area has had drainage issues in the past. In 2007 nearby apartments on 15th Avenue NE were flooded when runoff from Jackson Park Golf Course overwhelmed the drainage system.

But after more than 40 days without rain runoff has been ruled out as the source of the flow.

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