Wednesday, August 29, 2012

City: Chamber of Commerce to take over operation of Community Center

Seattle Parks Department Spokeswoman Dewey Potter announced on Wednesday that the Lake City Chamber of Commerce (now known as the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce) will take over operation of the Lake City Community Center after the Chamber's Request For Proposal to operate the center was approved by the Seattle Parks Department.

Lake City LLC, which has operated the center for nearly 50 years, will continue to operate the center until an interim agreement can be reached between the Chamber of Commerce and Parks and Rec. Lake City LLC has operated the center along with volunteers from the Lake City Lions and Lake City Vigilantes for decades.

Potter said the City Council will adopt an ordinance in early 2013 to approve the final agreement to operate the center.

You can read the Lake City Chamber of Commerce proposal for the center after the jump.

More documents related to the proposal to operate the center can be found here (scroll downpage for LCCC).

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  1. Love it! At least they have some good ideas, and are committed to LC. I look forward to seeing what they can do there.


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