Thursday, June 7, 2012

Laurel hedge topped at Virgil Flaim Park

Seattle Parks and Recreation officials, property managers at the Lake City Professional Center and area residents have been working to control nuisance behaviors at Virgil Flaim Park.

Over the last two days one of the most visible parts of the effort came with the topping of the laurel hedge that bordered the north end of the park.

The hedge was overgrown and was known to residents and police as a place where people often engaging in nuisance behaviors were gathering.

Other elements of the neighborhood and City plan include an increased police presence and possible illumination of the northeast corner of the park. Increased use of the park by the community is also an important part of the plan.

The much smaller hedge looking to the east.

Here is another view from the park.

Looking northeast.

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  1. SO much better! It looks great, and hopefully will serve its purpose to make the area safer too.


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