Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meeting Monday to help reclaim Lake City Parks

Everyone wants to feel comfortable taking their kids to the park. Yet there are problems in some of our Lake City parks that leave families feeling nervous or unsafe.

Please join Douglas Park Cooperative and Families for Lake City in working to change that.

Sign at Virgil Flaim Park
This Monday, May 7th representatives from the Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Seattle Police Department, and the Dept. of Neighborhoods will be on hand to craft an action plan to improve the safety and usability of Virgil Flaim and Albert Davis Parks.

Picnic table at Virgil Flaim Saturday morning. Note the Four Loko boxes and bottle. 

 While this meeting is focused specifically on these two parks, many of the issues discussed also pertain to other area parks and school playgrounds, such as Olympic Hills, Cedar Park or Little Brook. Solutions might include:
  • making problem spots more visible
  • creating a schedule of programs for positive activities this summer
  • establishing proper routines for reporting and documenting negative behaviors

So please bring your kids and your neighbors and become part of the solution!  Lake City Library Conference Room, 7pm, this Monday, May 7th.


  1. i wonder if people were charged when they left for pickup of trash. would it be cleaner?

  2. That sign is just sad; cleaning it might make it seem like the parks dept is more serious about it being a drug free zone. The whole park could use better signage, really.


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