Monday, May 14, 2012

Parks Improvements Survey

Please fill out the survey below so that we can show community support for the crime prevention changes to the Park that were discussed at last Monday's meeting.


  1. Special thank you to the Parks Dept. for already trimming up the bottoms of the redwood trees in the northeast corner! A fence might help to stop the "quick exit" use..the temporary plastic net/fence just west of there in the laurels has already been spliced..a shame..but clearly displays the less than desirable use of the hedges.

  2. My wife and I and our 10 month-old son live directly across from Virgil Flaim park on 123rd street. Some of these proposals seem reasonable enough, but can anyone from DPC explain how removing the BBQs would be an "improvement?" The BBQs and picnic tables are used by a diverse group of people, not all of whom, unfortunately, have the same high standards of "leave it how you found it" that I follow. This doesn't mean the BBQs need to be removed. Some of our community members rely on these for their picnics or other outings, especially on weekends.

    I would be very opposed to the installation of flood lights. Even if they are aimed away from the surrounding residences, light pollution would spill over into my bedroom. No thank you!

    Alcohol use and fighting were a problem in the park last summer and again this spring. These types of incidents can be handled on a case-by-case basis.

    Fencing-in the whole park, as suggested by Anonymous, would only make it a less walkable/less convenient place. Fencing, particularly chain-link fencing like what is along the East side of the park, makes a place feel like a prison. This drives families away but does not phase those who are seeking to abuse the space.

    I'm all for improving the park! But let's not make everyone pay for the mistakes of a few.

  3. thanks for taking the time to get our input! We appreciate the work your group is doing!

  4. LC Dad,

    Your input is valuable and appreciated. The proposal by Department of Parks and Rec to remove the BBQs was proposed as a way to limit a gathering spot for nuisance behaviors. But obviously many people use them. In fact there is a neighborhood gathering planned for Friday night and we plan to use one of the BBQs. Everyone is welcome to come to the event. More info here:

  5. I agree with not removing the BBQs. The less there is to do in the park, the less people will use it for recreational activities, and the more people will use it as an empty isolated space for drinking, drugs and else. As was suggested at the DPC meeting with the Park Service, the more people use the park for legal activities it will crowed out the people using it for illegal activities. It would be nice if there is some way to store sporting supplies like volleyballs and nets, soccer balls and nets, etc, or be able to keep these supplies at the LC community center for use in the parks (VF and Cedar Park).


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