Friday, April 6, 2012

Drugs and more beer cans found on April 5th walk

A bag found in front of the Lake City Library with trace amounts of drugs still in the bag.

We found 18 empties last night and three drug bags. One of them was found in front of the library with trace amounts of cocaine still in the bag. We called it in to 911 and an officer responded.  During the course of the conversation with the officer, he talked about "the house."

The officer mentioned that they arrest people there and they are back out the next day. He also said that "the house" is known to be the primary supplier of crack in the area and that the majority of the car prowls in the neighborhood are from people living at or going to the house. He also mentioned there is a similar house in the University District that the community has had enough with and are in the process of suing the city to get it shut down.

The police are reluctant to make arrests when the courts turn them loose the next day. They are also reluctant to be proactive on issues like this as they do not want to act out of accord with the neighborhoods wishes. Working to form a closer partnership with officers may be helpful.


  1. So, if the courts are lax in punishing the perpatrators, and nobody is pursuing the owner of this house, how is getting the cops involved going to help? Couldn't the DEA seize the house and shut it down?

  2. Where is the 'house'? So we may all keep an eye on it.


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