Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mail thief arrested on 22nd Avenue NE

An admitted mail thief was arrested this week after an officer training with a K-9 unit watched occupants of a car stealing mail from street side boxes. In the car police found a number of credit cards. Similar incidents where people have been seen stealing mail from a car have been reported in other north Seattle neighborhoods recently. From the SPD Blotter:

On December 28th, just after midnight, a K-9 officer was setting up a “training track” for another K-9 officer in the 13300 Block of 20th Avenue NE.  While the officer was waiting for the K9 to “find” him, he observed a vehicle swerving from one side of the street to the other, stopping at mail boxes.  It was apparent that the individuals in the car were stealing mail from the boxes.  The officer notified Dispatch of the crime in progress, and several marked patrol cars responded  and the suspect vehicle was stopped in the 14300 Block of 22nd Avenue NE.  While officers were speaking with the driver and passenger in the car, a large bag of mail was observed on the floor of the car as well as a number of credit cards on the dashboard and floor.  The pieces of mail all had various names and addresses visible.  When asked if they knew anything about the mail, the male driver admitted that the mail was stolen. 
 Read more at the SPD Blotter here.

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