Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Found dog

A male, chihuahua-terrier was found Tuesday on 25th Avenue NE, on the south side of 125th. He is described as blonde with white markings, clearly someone's pet, very cute and affectionate.

The people that found the dog kept him last night --he had no collar or i.d.-- and plan to take him to the shelter Wednesday.

If this is your dog or you know the owner please leave contact info in the comments section and we will get a hold of you. (We will deleted your contact info from the site once contacted.)

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  1. Another kind neighbor has taken the dog until/if the owner claims him. Two months ago he put down his EIGHTEEN year-old Jack Russell, so he is a good dog dad.

    I'm posting this so that readers will know the dog is NOT at a Seattle animal shelter. Thanks for all your help.


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