Tuesday, November 8, 2011

LED streetlight installation complete

You may have noticed a much more blue light on the streets of our neighborhood at night. That's because the old amber hue sodium vapor street lamps have been replaced with new and highly efficient LED lamps.

Installation of some 18,000 new lights is complete on residential streets from 65th Street to 145th Street. The low energy lamps installed so far are expected to save the city $900,000 annually in electricity costs. (That could buy a few blocks-worth of sidewalks.)

The installation began in September and completion of this phase of the city-wide conversion was on November 7th (Zone 4 in map).

Arterial streets still use the old style street lamps but a pilot project is underway with a higher-power LED to illuminate arterial streets.

Should you ever see a street light not functioning properly —new LED or old sodium vapor—you can report it here.

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